Put some WOW into your wedding!


Kicking off Spring twenty years ago at the premiere of “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” Elizabeth Hurley may have explored with a consultant about what she would wear to the movie premiere. One action or decision can change the perfect event into something unexpected.

According to news.com.au, Hurley suggests her career may have taken a more serious turn had she not worn the famous Versace safety-pin dress that captured the world’s attention. Hurley became an overnight sensation when she appeared alongside her then boyfriend Hugh Grant wearing the infamous black evening gown for the premiere. The plunging Versace dress was held together by oversized gold safety pins, leaving little to the imagination. “THAT dress,” as it was forever then called, launched her career, but quite possibly the one she desired.

Spring refers to love, hope, youth and growth. Rebirth and renewal are the real purpose of Spring. Yes, the cake, gown and centerpieces are all important, but what about the one detail that takes it over the top? We want to bring new trends and services to make your special event not just beautiful but thought-provoking and modern. There are many details that go into creating a special event, but a final touch is when you incorporate a WOW moment with something new and different.

For the ceremony, a giant chuppah can take your guests breath away. {Pictured: the groom handmade the chuppah for his wife-to-be.} Walking down the aisle, is also a magical moment, and could be show stopping with a fireworks display or a special performance as you walk down the aisle.

Take a few dance lessons before your wedding, but instead of the standard waltz, choose a sultry tango or a high-energy swing routine, and then surprise everyone during your first dance. For an unexpected surprise, get your dad or even your grandpa in on the act. {Pictured: this new bride choreographed a funky dance for the Father-Daughter Dance.}

Robert+Kristina_Father Daughter Dance (1)

Just when everyone thinks the fun is winding down, liven up the party with late-night nibbles that will leave everyone ready for an after-party. Think about it: crinkle French fries, fresh chocolate chip cookies and milk shooters, a fully loaded taco bar, or even a chicken and waffle truck!

Chicken and Waffles    John's 70 Disco Party Logo

Cotton Candy Bar

An event should be these: innovative and original. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate fete.

Milk and Cookies    Single Ring Bearer Sparkler Send off

Smores Bar




Activities for all Ages and Occasions!

Entertain your guests further with fun and easy activities that are inexpensive, sentimental, and timeless!

Photo 1

Photo Credit (top left): Amanda Rockafellow (middle left): Amanda Rockafellow (bottom left): Amanda Rockafellow (middle): Bauman Photographers (top right): Bauman Photographers (middle right): Amanda Rockafellow (bottom right): Amanda Rockafellow

Activities such as the ones depicted above are easy to assemble. Simply paint small different colored squares on a large canvas and lay out a few watercolor sets and pens to give guest the opportunity to artistically express themselves! Other ideas include fingerprinting-signing boards that guests can quickly complete. Writing notes on a ribbon and tying them onto a string is another creative way for guests to write more personal and private messages. Activities such as these are suitable and fun for all ages.

The products of these activities can also be given to the host of the party, serving as a reminder of the special day for years to come. Not to mention, these activities are easily adjusted to fit any party theme – from weddings, baby showers, and even birthday parties! Contact us help you add fun to your special occasion: hello@eventsplusstyle.com 858.225.8515.

Author:  Alexandra Bolhack

Photo 2

Photo Credit: Hill Country Wedding Blog