Soon to be Mr. & Mrs : Meet Julia & Paul!

Julia & Paul will be getting married at the beautiful Montana Cielo this coming October. We loved meeting them and learning about their story and wedding plans! We are so excited to help them enjoy their wedding day. Here is their story of how they met and photos {just in!} from their engagement session complete with their fury friends, of course!

20150502-untitled-33332015Paul & Julia engagment 2015-X220150502-untitled-32482015Paul & Julia engagment 2015-X2

Paul and I first met over 7 years ago, when I was just 18, and he was 19. It was a bit of a chance meeting–He was down visiting his dad from Oregon for a few days for Christmas with one of his friends. His friend happened to like my friend, and they both dragged Paul & I along for a day trip that we didn’t really want to go on. We both ended up going, and clicked immediately. I remember that the first time I saw him walk through the door, I felt this intense emotion, and knew this man was going to be an important part of my life.
20150502-untitled-32212015Paul & Julia engagment 2015-X2
After he went back up to Oregon for school, we continued to talk constantly. I was still in high school, but would fly up to Oregon every couple of weeks to see him. After I graduated, I moved up there for the summer, and ended up staying.
Fast forward: 2 Years later, Paul graduates from the UO, and I get in to FIDM. We move to San Francisco, where I attend FIDM for 2 years. While in San Francisco, we adopt our first Terrier, Teri. She is truly the light of our life, and we can’t imagine our life without her. Once I graduate from FIDM, we decide to move to NYC, where I have an interview for an internship. We moved to NYC, with nothing but Teri and our suitcases, and live an insane life for 2 years. NYC is where we adopt our second dog, Toby Tobias III. After 2 years, we decide we want to go back to California, where all of our family is.
20150502-untitled-33242015Paul & Julia engagment 2015-X220150502-untitled-33052015Paul & Julia engagment 2015-X2We decide to move to San Diego, where both of my sisters live, and is pretty close to the rest of our family. A few months after we move back, it’s Christmas time. We go to OB with my sisters and the pups for dinner. On the beach, Paul tells me, “Love, you didn’t even notice that Teri has a new collar.” I look, amazed that I didn’t notice it, and see that it’s a red heart, with the words “Will You Marry Me” engraved on it. I start laughing, and I start crying. We had been together for nearly 7 years at this point–It was an incredible feeling. Once I can speak, I tell him “Of course”, with Teri still in my arms. We laugh and kiss, and went to an incredible dinner, and have been planning our special day ever since.
20150502-untitled-32282015Paul & Julia engagment 2015-X2

The importance of the…TIMELINE!

A key element of a successful wedding or event that is sometimes overlooked is simply the timing. Creating a timeline and having someone manage it will result in your guests enjoying every second of the event, leaving saying “Wow, that was a really great time”. When there is not a well-managed timeline, your guests will be left waiting and looking at their watches. If a ceremony starts 30 minutes late, guests will be looking around wondering what is going on. If your photographer takes you to a far away location for photos after the ceremony with no timeline management, it could result in a longer than one-hour cocktail hour. This can lead to guests having a few too many drinks and if no one has updated the catering staff, the expensive meal you have planned could be served cold due to the delay. {Sorry photog friends, just being real here!} We love to manage a timeline to keep things flowing from start to finish, checking in with all vendors to ensure a smooth flow. An “event peave” of mine is when the guests enter the reception room and their is no music on. It’s awkward! Music sets the tone and can create a relaxing ambiance for dinner and more upbeat energized environment to get people on the dance floor. Here’s a snap shot one of our wedding timelines. We kind of love em. ❤Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.00.00 AM

Jamison’s 1st Birthday!!!

Our very own, Ashley’s Son Jamison turned one! We loved styling his Mustache themed party! Jamison is so adorable. He had so much fun celebrating in his Birthday #1 tie, smashing his first cake and playing with balloons in his crib. Needless to say, NO nap happened on this day! Stephen with Stegela Photography captured the details and excitement beautifully. Stephen and his wife, Angela are amazing photographers that do weddings, events, boudoir, and professional head shots. Check out our collage of all the cuteness!

.Jammer's Birthday Collage

We love planning and styling Kid’s Birthday Parties!

Do you or someone you know have a special party to plan for their Son or Daughter? We’d love to help!

Fashionably Late vs. Too Late?

Have you ever wondered what is an acceptable time to arrive to an event? People typically don’t want to be the first ones to arrive, but showing up too late can delay the event plans and be rude to the host. This does vary depending on the type of the event. Here is our general rule of thumb:

Formal Social Parties; Cocktail, Holiday and Intimate Dinner Parties

Most of these parties involve a mailed invitation and have a timeline of events with a scheduled meal service.  You should arrive close to the invitation time. Fashionably Late is 0 – 15 minutes after invitation time. Too late is when you get beyond 30 minutes, when the mingling is winding down and meal service begins. The exception to the rule would be if you let the host know that you’d like to come, but would not be able to make it until a certain time. They can let you know if that would be acceptable and plan accordingly. If the formality and timeline is unclear on the invitation, it is best to ask.

fashionably late

Less Formal Parties; Networking Events, Open Houses and BBQs

Most often these events involve an email invitation, are a shorter time frame and have open food stations for people to come and go as they please. In this case, arriving an hour or so late is acceptable, but you don’t want to show up right before the end. You want to be able to enjoy the event and let the host know you appreciated the invitation and experience.

Wedding Ceremonies 

Guess what? Weddings do actually start on time! It is very important to be on time or early. Being late could mean walking in during the processional, which can be disruptive and awkward!

Featured Venue: Quail Haven Farm

a fall wedding at

We just love weddings at Quail Haven Farm in Vista, California. The property is amazingly beautiful complete with a garden ceremony site, reception area with burlap draping, bridal suite, big red barn and fully functioning horse riding academy. The venue owner, Lindy is an absolute pleasure to work with. We coordinated an absolutely perfect day for Events Plus Style Groom, Chris and his beautiful Bride, Desirae. It was the perfect setting for their September wedding with a rustic theme and lots of DIY details. We love all the wooden signs, potting benches and photos of the beautiful Bride & Groom.




wedding wedding 1 wedding 3 wedding2


AVWphotography005 AVWphotography004 AVWphotography003 AVWphotography002 AVWphotography001


Photo Credit: AVWphotography

Holiday Party Theme Ideas


Are you planning a Holiday Party this year? Over the years, we’ve helped numerous clients plan holiday parties to say thank you to their clients, employees and/or  just share some merry times with good friends and family. Here are some past theme ideas that we have done. If you’re looking for a creative theme for a memorable party {that you can actually enjoy}…we are ready to help!

Holiday Sparkle


Add some excitement to your holiday party with some sparkle. This event was full of red, black and shinning silver details with ornaments and sparkle galour. The theme was incorporated throughout the event, even in the desert with delicious glittery cake pops.  This theme is perfect for a sophisticated corporate event and also an exciting party for you and your friends.

Corporate Holiday



Vintage Winter Wonderland:


This Vintage Winter Wonderland themed party was an intimate gathering with delicious food and elegant decor. Elegant vintage touches were incorporated into the classic theme with the vintage inspired table cloth, chavari chairs, napkins and name cards.  The white chocolate covered cake pops, sugared white marshmallows and white chocolate covered pretzels paired were a huge hit!

winter wonderland



Gold Winter:


This high class party at the Signature Room on the 92nd floor of the John Hancock building incorporated details of Chicago and the city lights by incorporating gold satin lines, centerpieces with gold ornaments and sparkly gems. People love photo booths! They can easily be created to reflect the theme with a unique backdrop and some props.




Mountain Lodge:


The Mountain Lodge Theme is perfect for a cozy holiday party.Plaid fabrics are a great way to give that Ski Lodge feel. Lodge’s are rustic, so go ahead use the resources you have. If you have pinecones in your backyard, pick the best ones and bring them to the party. They can be used for everything from centerpieces, to garland and place card holders. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

mnt lodge


Ready to start planning your Holiday Party? Give us a “jingle” today at 858.225.8515 or

Featured Vendor: Le Parfait Paris

Introducing…Le Parfait Paris “The finest food for the finest city”!

ImageOne of our newest dessert vendors, Le Parfait Paris brings the highest quality of traditional French products to San Diego. They carefully select superior ingredients to satisfy your high standards and offer some of the most amazing dessert options for your wedding, corporate or social event.

Their list of delicious French culinary classics include traditional French wedding cakes, wedding cake alternatives and dessert tables that incorporate Petit Fours, miniardise, macarons, and pastries. In addition, they offer an option to invent your own personalized desserts and savory petit four based on your unique ideas.

1} Wedding Cakes

They offer several different traditional French wedding cakes; The Croquembouche {think…choux pastry balls}, The Macaron Tower Cake and The Madelaine Layer Cake, as well as custom designed Layer Cakes. All of  their cakes can be customized to include your favorite flavors, colors and design that perfectly fits your reception theme.

wedding cake

2} Cake Alternatives

Not a fan of cake, but love miniature desserts like Petits-Fours, Creme Brulee, Cheesecake and Meringue? Le Parfait Paris can create your favorite bite-size confectioneries displayed on tiered platers to resemble a wedding cake. The Petits-Fours and Creme Brulee Cakes are very impressive on display as the wedding cake or as a compliment to a dessert table.

fruit tartcheesecake

3} Dessert Tables

Le Parfait Paris offers a wide selection of desserts that can be incorporated into your custom dessert table. Options include fruit tartlets made of seasonal fresh fruits over almond flavored sweet pastry crust and a vanilla custard, an wide selection of macarons in flavors and colors of your choice, delicate meringues, and divine verrines, mousses, choux and other miniardises. The dessert table is a great way to add a delicate touch to your dream reception and…a deliciously sweet treat for your guests!

dessert table

Visit Le Parfait Paris at their new Cafe & Boutique in the Gaslamp at 555 G Street !

If you are interested in more information for your wedding, corporate or social event, please contact us for more information. We’d be happy to set up your tasting!