Put some WOW into your wedding!


Kicking off Spring twenty years ago at the premiere of “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” Elizabeth Hurley may have explored with a consultant about what she would wear to the movie premiere. One action or decision can change the perfect event into something unexpected.

According to news.com.au, Hurley suggests her career may have taken a more serious turn had she not worn the famous Versace safety-pin dress that captured the world’s attention. Hurley became an overnight sensation when she appeared alongside her then boyfriend Hugh Grant wearing the infamous black evening gown for the premiere. The plunging Versace dress was held together by oversized gold safety pins, leaving little to the imagination. “THAT dress,” as it was forever then called, launched her career, but quite possibly the one she desired.

Spring refers to love, hope, youth and growth. Rebirth and renewal are the real purpose of Spring. Yes, the cake, gown and centerpieces are all important, but what about the one detail that takes it over the top? We want to bring new trends and services to make your special event not just beautiful but thought-provoking and modern. There are many details that go into creating a special event, but a final touch is when you incorporate a WOW moment with something new and different.

For the ceremony, a giant chuppah can take your guests breath away. {Pictured: the groom handmade the chuppah for his wife-to-be.} Walking down the aisle, is also a magical moment, and could be show stopping with a fireworks display or a special performance as you walk down the aisle.

Take a few dance lessons before your wedding, but instead of the standard waltz, choose a sultry tango or a high-energy swing routine, and then surprise everyone during your first dance. For an unexpected surprise, get your dad or even your grandpa in on the act. {Pictured: this new bride choreographed a funky dance for the Father-Daughter Dance.}

Robert+Kristina_Father Daughter Dance (1)

Just when everyone thinks the fun is winding down, liven up the party with late-night nibbles that will leave everyone ready for an after-party. Think about it: crinkle French fries, fresh chocolate chip cookies and milk shooters, a fully loaded taco bar, or even a chicken and waffle truck!

Chicken and Waffles    John's 70 Disco Party Logo

Cotton Candy Bar

An event should be these: innovative and original. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate fete.

Milk and Cookies    Single Ring Bearer Sparkler Send off

Smores Bar




Up next…Vintage Carnival Rustic Backyard BBQ Wedding!

We are gearing up for a backyard Barbecue wedding this weekend!!! It’s going to be phenomenal! Aside from the spectacular estate venue with ocean views and all the vintage carnival rustic details…the guests are in for a tasty treat! The wedding will be catered by BarNone Barbecue. We offer a complimentary wedding concierge service to assist their brides & grooms with the event services they need to complete their dream wedding vision. {ie. rentals, staff, bar service, entertainment, styling, and coordination}.

Today, we are sharing some info on Bar None Barbecue. We can’t wait to work with them again on Saturday!


Established in 1998, Bar None Barbecue is a full-service San Diego caterer that can arrange every facet of your corporate and social events. Whether it’s a company picnic, a birthday party, a business luncheon, or a family reunion, our experience in event planning will help guide you so that no detail is forgotten.

Bar None Barbecue has catered thousands of successful events throughout our 15 years in business. During this time, we have discovered what is important to us and our customers, including:

  • Cooking entrees on-site on our chuckwagon over a red oak wood fire, not pellets, propane, or charcoal.
  • Preventing overbooking by limiting our concurrent events to three at a time.
  • Providing full portions of each entree listed on the menu, not one entree or the other.
  • Including complimentary veggie burgers for vegetarians as an alternative to our meat entrees.
  • Covering the cost of our on-site cooking, nicely-attired staff, and professional setup (including shaded buffet area and festively decorated serving tables with real linens) with our labor and coordination charge.
  • Retaining our highly-trained staff with above industry-standard wages, so we don’t charge a mandatory gratuity.
  • Using our 50+ years of combined catering experience toward your event’s planning.
  • Accepting credit card payment without any minimums or surcharges to cover the merchant fees.
  • Featuring photographs taken at our events on our Web site, not stock photos.

Hosting an outdoor BBQ soon? We’d love to help you book BarNone Barbecue for your next special event.

Trend: Say Cheese

There are so many ways to capture the precious moments from your event whether it be a wedding, a bridal shower or a sweet 16. The classic route is to hire a photographer and/or a videographer but since photos are so important we’re loving two additional, fun ways to capture even more moments that you’ll never want to forget. There is a new app that could make your life a whole lot easier and we’re sharing one of our favorite vendors, The Foto Box!

We’re not sure why no one has come up with this one sooner! It’s been featured on Martha Stewart, the knot magazine and Brides magazine. Instead of begging all of your guests to email photos or upload them to a million different albums on Facebook, there is now one convenient way to keep everyone’s pictures together. It’s called Wedding Snap. Whosever hosting the event signs up and receives a unique album code and 250 personalized information cards. The cards instruct everyone to download the app and explain how it works.

Then as guests take pictures throughout the event, they upload them through the app to the unique album code. All of the pictures are stored online in one place! For anyone who doesn’t have a smart phone or is taking pictures on digital camera, they can always upload the pictures through weddingsnap.com after!

Then all of your wedding photos are in one album to view, edit and share. You’ll have more unique pictures, from the guests perspectives, that maybe the photographer didn’t catch. How smart right?

The other trend were loving right now {that just never gets old} is the photo booth! It’s such a fun idea for guests to get a little silly and take some goofy pictures. Events + Style’s photo both company is The Foto Box. They have the best custom designed booths that are modern and professional. The booth always come with a staff member to assist with props and prints. It’s a great way have an all in-one guestbook, wedding favor and fun activity. The photos are all good quality and are customizable to go along with the theme of the party. For more information or to book your a photo booth for your next event, contact us at hello@eventsplusstyle.com 858.225.8515.

 Written by: Darielle Terry

Sweet Treats: Tailored Sweets

What do milk chocolate mustaches, ombre cakes and donut bars all have in common? They are all really unique dessert items from Tailored Sweets! Located in Point Loma, this adorable dessert boutique offers fully customizable dessert buffets, cakes, cake pops, cupcakes and any other dessert item you can imagine. Owner, Sarah Stuckenschneider, never grew out of her childhood love for baking. Months before her birthday she would pick out the best birthday cake and wait with anticipation to make it with her mom. When it came time to plan her wedding, Sarah and her mom created their first ever wedding cake with their famous chocolate cake recipe. After the wedding, Sarah decided to follow her heart and start her own business brightening peoples days with a little something sweet!

We had the opportunity to sit down with Sarah and get the scoop on recent dessert trends, here is what she said:

What is the biggest dessert trend right now? Dessert Buffets featuring mini desserts or tasters. What’s better than eating one dessert, eating a little bite of 3 or 4 desserts and not feeling guilty!

Have you gotten any new or unique requests? Many couple are deciding to stay away from the all-white wedding cake. Instead they are requesting ombre cakes that incorporate the colors of their wedding.

What is the most unusual/odd request have you gotten? I don’t really think of special requests as odd, more of a fun way to let your personality shine through. I had a couple who wanted to have microphone cake pops because the groom was a musician and a bride that was so in love with rice krispie treats that we had to figure out a way to make them classy.

Anything cool and exciting you are working on right now? Right now I am loving flower pot cupcakes – Cupcakes in little flower pots, topped with butter cream icing roses. So delicious and beautiful!


Photo Credit: Siegel Thursten Photography


Photo Credit: Siegel Thursten Photography


Photo Credit: Kristina Chartier Photography


Photo Credit: Kristina Chartier Photography


Photo Credit: En Pointe Photography


Photo Credit: En Pointe Photography

See Tailored Sweets website for additional information and photos of their tasty treats!


Written by: Darielle Terry

Love of Food: Convivial Catering

Introducing…Convivial Catering, San Diego’s Premier Corporate & Event Catering.
How did you get started in the Catering business?
I started with the Pamplemousse Grille in Del Mar which is where I also got my first Restaurant Experience here in San Diego.
When did you start your company?
I started Convivial Catering in 2007 following a trip to Europe on a The Chef Celebration Foundation Scholarship that I received in 2006.
What types of events do you do?
Weddings, Corporate Special Events, Fundraisers, Client Appreciation Events, Rehearsal Dinners, Retirement Parties, Anniversaries, any event where excellent food is needed!
Do you have a specialty or a favorite?
My specialty is whatever I’m cooking that moment.  Recently I’ve been enjoying doing some chilled soups, because of the heat. Such as, Spinach and Leek Soup with Smashed Avocado, Citrus Crab, and Chile Oil, and then Asian Braises.
What is your favorite part of a Wedding?
The cake cutting, because everyone has eaten a wonderful dinner and everyone is celebrating with the couple.
How would you describe your style/what sets you apart?
My style is using classic technique, local ingredients, and creative fusing world styles.  My food is set apart from my love of the food and love of the process.
What are some current 2011 trends you are seeing?  I see people enjoying using a variety of Action Stations at their weddings and special events that assures their guests variety and freshness.
Do you have a favorite food or entree you like to cook?  Whatever I’m cooking at the time.  I love the freedom of cooking and going to the farmers market and coming up with dishes based on whats available based on the season.
Do you enjoy entertaining yourself?
My friends are sometimes shocked to hear that I love to cook when I get home but I do.  It relaxes me when I’m at home.  I had a spur of the moment BBQ during the recent Blackout and had my neighbors over for Grilled Herb Studded Pork Tenderloin and Heirloom Tomato Salad with Burrata Cheese and Basil.

Anything you love to add to every party?
I love to add fantastic food and a fun-loving attitude.
Do you have any other passions/hobbies you enjoy when not busy cooking for parties and events?
I love to play golf and ski and travel.
Any fun and exciting projects you are working on right now for your company?
I’m working on continuing to expand and grow Convivial Catering!

Have an impressive event that needs a great menu?
Events + Style & Convivial Catering can make it happen! For more info, contact Sara Holley, sara@eventsplusstyle.com 858.225.8515

Mix it up: For Real Bartenders

Introducing…For Real Bartenders!
For Real Bartenders providea Bartenders, D.J.’s, Security, Caterers, and Servers for Weddings, Private Parties, Special Events, and Venues. Perfect for your next event!
How did you get started in the Bartending Business? When did you start your company?
Both myself, and my partner Tony got our starts in the business at Ole Madrid in the mid 90’s. We were fortunate to work along side with some of the most influential pioneers of the San Diego night life scene today. From there, we  went on to manage & bartend at some of San Diego’s premier bars/nightclubs. We started ForRealBartenders four years ago with the vision of providing unparalleled service matched with a wealth of bar industry knowledge.
What types of events do you do?
We do all kinds of events. Weddings, political events, fundraisers, birthday parties, themed parties, you name it. If a client is looking for professional bar service, ForRealBartenders is where to find it.
What sets you apart from other Beverage Caterers?
What sets us apart from other Bar Services or Beverage Caterers is that our staff consists of the best bartenders, servers, cocktail servers, d.j.’s, and security, who are currently working in San Diego’s premier nightclubs. This is what we do, and this is our passion. We aren’t a bunch of people who work day jobs and then a couple times a month pour vodka tonics at a wedding.
We are ForRealBartenders!
What are some current 2011 trends you are seeing?
As far as 2011 trends go, as the weather cools down, look for more CO2 canisters behind the bar for frothy creamy drinks.New flavors through the use of different cordials. “Abstract” seasonal fruit and vegetables- taking seasonal fruits and vegetables and creating consistencies different than whats expected. For example, instead of pomegranate juice, think pureed, strained pomegranate seed. Also, Kentucky Bourbons are red hot right now.
Any fun and exciting projects you are working on right now?
As ForRealBartenders expands and looks to 2012, we are reminded of why we started ForRealBartenders in the beginning. To make your next event a memorable one!
They offer many different options to serve up tasty drinks to your quests at reasonable rates.

For a quote, please contact Sara Holley sara@eventsplusstyle.com 858.225.8515