Soon to be Mr. & Mrs : Meet Julia & Paul!

Julia & Paul will be getting married at the beautiful Montana Cielo this coming October. We loved meeting them and learning about their story and wedding plans! We are so excited to help them enjoy their wedding day. Here is their story of how they met and photos {just in!} from their engagement session complete with their fury friends, of course!

20150502-untitled-33332015Paul & Julia engagment 2015-X220150502-untitled-32482015Paul & Julia engagment 2015-X2

Paul and I first met over 7 years ago, when I was just 18, and he was 19. It was a bit of a chance meeting–He was down visiting his dad from Oregon for a few days for Christmas with one of his friends. His friend happened to like my friend, and they both dragged Paul & I along for a day trip that we didn’t really want to go on. We both ended up going, and clicked immediately. I remember that the first time I saw him walk through the door, I felt this intense emotion, and knew this man was going to be an important part of my life.
20150502-untitled-32212015Paul & Julia engagment 2015-X2
After he went back up to Oregon for school, we continued to talk constantly. I was still in high school, but would fly up to Oregon every couple of weeks to see him. After I graduated, I moved up there for the summer, and ended up staying.
Fast forward: 2 Years later, Paul graduates from the UO, and I get in to FIDM. We move to San Francisco, where I attend FIDM for 2 years. While in San Francisco, we adopt our first Terrier, Teri. She is truly the light of our life, and we can’t imagine our life without her. Once I graduate from FIDM, we decide to move to NYC, where I have an interview for an internship. We moved to NYC, with nothing but Teri and our suitcases, and live an insane life for 2 years. NYC is where we adopt our second dog, Toby Tobias III. After 2 years, we decide we want to go back to California, where all of our family is.
20150502-untitled-33242015Paul & Julia engagment 2015-X220150502-untitled-33052015Paul & Julia engagment 2015-X2We decide to move to San Diego, where both of my sisters live, and is pretty close to the rest of our family. A few months after we move back, it’s Christmas time. We go to OB with my sisters and the pups for dinner. On the beach, Paul tells me, “Love, you didn’t even notice that Teri has a new collar.” I look, amazed that I didn’t notice it, and see that it’s a red heart, with the words “Will You Marry Me” engraved on it. I start laughing, and I start crying. We had been together for nearly 7 years at this point–It was an incredible feeling. Once I can speak, I tell him “Of course”, with Teri still in my arms. We laugh and kiss, and went to an incredible dinner, and have been planning our special day ever since.
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