How much is my dream wedding going to cost?

The big question every newly engaged couple wants to know!

Well…to be honest, it is different for everyone depending on your priorities and preferences. But, we can help! After we meet, talk, skype or facetime to learn more about your wedding details, we will put together a complimentary budget breakdown for your wedding or event. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation today!

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If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You, They’re Not Big Enough!

Today, I’m sharing my ultimate dream…managing my own Estate Venue for Weddings and Events. This has been my ultimate dream/goal/vision for some time now and recently it’s been on my heart a lot!

The Cordova

Almost everyday I run past this Estate on Sunset Cliffs. It is for sale. The price has gone down, but it still at a 3.4 million dollar price tag. This particular Estate is perfect, because the main house could be the amazing Venue/Events + Style concierge office. My husband and I could also live in the back guest house. I know that my dream is big enough to scare me, because I actually contacted the agent and have investigated a loan to purchase it. However…I am still working on how I can make that happen!

I know that If my dream is going to happen, I need to ask for it, share with others, and pray about it lots. If anyone knows of an Estate that the owners would like to discuss having Events + Style manage  Beautiful Weddings and Events…I would be interested in talking with them. The Estate could generate additional income from Events and could possibly double as a Vacation Home Rental.

Ocean Views are preferred, but I would consider all Estates with Huge Venue, Dream Fulfilling Potential 🙂


If you have an Estate or know an Estate Owner that might be interested in discussing, email or fill out the form below: