Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day

Are you thinking of popping the question on Valentine’s Day? Yes, THAT question – “Will You Marry Me?” Well, you better make it extra special! Here are a few ideas for you.

The cliché always works, no matter what, it’s special!

Roses Everywhere

Roses. Red Roses. EVERYWHERE. Petals are even more special. Lots of them. In the bathtub, on the bed, in the path into your house or her apartment. If you live together, spread them around while she is asleep or at work. But it should be a rose-sprinkled wonderland. And then, the magic happens. Right before she recovers, you go down on one knee to pop the question: “Will you marry me?”

Cute Cards

Remember those cute cards you gave out in elementary school? Write one reason why you love him or her, or a favorite memory on each one. Plant them everywhere on Feb. 14: in jacket pockets, near the toothbrush, purse, the refrigerator, cupboards, on the wheel of the car…and anywhere else you can think of…Finally, present the last and biggest card that asks the big question – “Will you marry me?”

Candy Hearts

Who doesn’t love the candy hearts with the sayings on them? Those irresistible candy conversation hearts…lay a trail of those from the front door to the proposal spot where you and the ring await. Add a giant candy paper heart sign that says: “Will you marry me?” for that extra sweet ending!

Sandy Sign

It’s San Diego and there is no snow. BUT, there is sand! Take advantage of it! Find a location with an expanse of untouched sand, and walk the outline of a huge heart and put your initials in the center of it. Pack two wine glasses and a bottle of wine, then go for a sunset walk together. When you “stumble” upon your sand tracing, pause and kneel to propose!

Charm Her

Make her a charm bracelet. Each charm represents a shared memory, and inside joke or a turning point in your relationship. Choose only heart-shaped charms and inscribe each with a meaningful word or memory. The last one could be a miniature locket that opens to the message “Marry Me.”

A few additional ideas that may catch her by surprise! Don’t pop the question on Valentine’s Day night. Do it at a romantic brunch, or an amazing picnic early in the day. He or she won’t be expecting it when the ring appears with the omelet. Ask your Significant Other at the beginning of dinner instead of the end, when he or she is least expecting it. Surprise your loved one with rose petals and a path to the bedroom where the ring box sits waiting on the bed encircled in roses. Flowers: Instead of choosing the ever popular roses, use a bouquet of more exotic and beautiful blooms, particularly if the woman’s flower is something other than a rose. Embrace clichés: For a whimsical proposal, embrace the VD clichés to your advantage. Attach the ring to a pink teddy bear, root through a bag of candy for every heart that says “Marry Me” or rent a Cupid costume for a humorous proposal that has fun with the holiday!

Roughly 10 percent of couples in the United States choose Valentine’s Day as the perfect day to get engaged. For some couples, getting engaged on Valentine’s Day is the most romantic possible way to take their relationship to the next level! The key is to make it unique and meaningful.




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