10 Summer Hacks for Your Next Event!

It’s summertime! This is a time to spend with friends and family enjoying the warm, beautiful summer weather. And if you’re planning an outdoor event, you want to be able to take advantage of this weather and create a fun, cool, no hassle, summer-friendly atmosphere. Don’t be stuck inside, go outside and enjoy yourself! Here are 10 summer hacks for your next event.

1) Fun and unique cooler for drinks
7594B866-7271-4125-AAB8-E893FAC590D9DAC6EAB6-A723-4033-A646-822B8181000DPhoto Credit: WeddingMix Blog, buzzfeed.com, chicnest.net

2) Sunscreen and bug spray for your guests


Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com

3) Fruit-infused ice blocks for punch


Photo Credit: The Culinary Tribune

4) Pre-scooped ice cream in the freezer


Photo Credit: http://www.kojo-designs.com

5) Fruit salad in a hollowed out watermelon


Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com

6) Monogrammed sunglasses for your wedding guests


Photo Credit: etsy.com

7) Wedding program fan


Photo Credit: weddingchicks.com

8) DIY Firefly jar:
1) Cut glow sticks and shake contents in a jar
2) Add some diamond glitter
3) Seal jar with lid and shake


Photo Credit: redbubble.com

9) Skewer veggies and meat for easier grilling


Photo Credit: cookingglory.com, marthastewart.com

10) Fun activities for all ages! – slip and slide, horseshoes, corn hole, spray paint the grass for twister


Photo Credit: stylemepretty.com


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