Featured Vendor: Le Parfait Paris

Introducing…Le Parfait Paris “The finest food for the finest city”!

ImageOne of our newest dessert vendors, Le Parfait Paris brings the highest quality of traditional French products to San Diego. They carefully select superior ingredients to satisfy your high standards and offer some of the most amazing dessert options for your wedding, corporate or social event.

Their list of delicious French culinary classics include traditional French wedding cakes, wedding cake alternatives and dessert tables that incorporate Petit Fours, miniardise, macarons, and pastries. In addition, they offer an option to invent your own personalized desserts and savory petit four based on your unique ideas.

1} Wedding Cakes

They offer several different traditional French wedding cakes; The Croquembouche {think…choux pastry balls}, The Macaron Tower Cake and The Madelaine Layer Cake, as well as custom designed Layer Cakes. All of  their cakes can be customized to include your favorite flavors, colors and design that perfectly fits your reception theme.

wedding cake

2} Cake Alternatives

Not a fan of cake, but love miniature desserts like Petits-Fours, Creme Brulee, Cheesecake and Meringue? Le Parfait Paris can create your favorite bite-size confectioneries displayed on tiered platers to resemble a wedding cake. The Petits-Fours and Creme Brulee Cakes are very impressive on display as the wedding cake or as a compliment to a dessert table.

fruit tartcheesecake

3} Dessert Tables

Le Parfait Paris offers a wide selection of desserts that can be incorporated into your custom dessert table. Options include fruit tartlets made of seasonal fresh fruits over almond flavored sweet pastry crust and a vanilla custard, an wide selection of macarons in flavors and colors of your choice, delicate meringues, and divine verrines, mousses, choux and other miniardises. The dessert table is a great way to add a delicate touch to your dream reception and…a deliciously sweet treat for your guests!

dessert table

Visit Le Parfait Paris at their new Cafe & Boutique in the Gaslamp at 555 G Street !

If you are interested in more information for your wedding, corporate or social event, please contact us for more information. We’d be happy to set up your tasting!


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