Thinking of Skipping Out On Your Engagement Photos? Think again!

The engagement session is such a perfect time to have a professional photographer take photos of the two of you. Some newly engaged couples may opt against it to save money for the wedding. If at all possible, we recommend that you schedule an engagement session with your photographer. Here are our top 3 reasons why:


1. It is a great opportunity to work with your photographer before the big day.

It gives you the opportunity to ‘practice’ being photographed. You probably haven’t had someone snap photos of the two of you posing and kissing. Having a chance to do this during the engagement session will make it less awkward and more natural on the big day. You also get to view the photos together after the session and provide feedback to your photographer on what you love and don’t love so much. This provides your photographer with direction to make your wedding photos beyond what you expect.

beach couple

2. Being engaged is an exciting time to celebrate and capture personalized photos of the two of you.

Life is all about celebrating special moments. Of course, you will hire a photographer to shoot your wedding and possibly down the road…maternity, newborn, and family portraits. So why wouldn’t you hire a photographer to celebrate your engagement?! Since this session is all about you and your love, it is a great idea to personalize it by incorporating things you like to do together, places you like to visit, or a combination of things and places that have played a big part in your relationship. The engagement session is such a great time to capture memories of the love you share, as you move to the next chapter in your lives together.


3. The photos can be used on your save-the-date cards, wedding website, and ceremony programs, receptions and more!

Most likely, even the best photos you have to date are probably taken at restaurant/bar or an event you attended and quite possibly by an iPhone.  Your engagement session allows you to have some high quality professional photographs to use throughout the wedding details to add a personalized touch.

Photo Credit: True Photography

Need help finding a photographer? Contact us to help arrange your engagement photos: – 858.225.8515.



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