The Perfect Wedding Dress for a Fraction of the Price!

Recycled Wedding Dre

Photo Credit: Dahlia Bridal

Found the perfect wedding dress, but cannot find the space in your wallet to buy it? Consider purchasing it used! Brides everywhere are reselling their own wedding dresses for a fraction of the original price. Most dresses posted show barely any wear and look good as new!

Recycling old wedding dresses not only saves you money, but also helps the environment as well. Most wedding dresses are worn by the bride for a few hours, sealed in a box, and stored for decades – deprived ever seeing daylight again. For those who have already worn their dresses, why not consider reselling your old dress and make a few extra bucks?

One local company that can help you resell wedding dresses is Dahlia Bridal. Opened in September 2012, Dahlia Bridal has recycled numerous wedding dresses. Unlike websites that provide similar services, this local shop in Point Loma allows aspiring brides to not only see the condition of the used dresses, but also try them on before purchasing as well.

Dahlia Bridal also posts their current wedding dress stock on their Facebook page ( To purchase a dress, a bride must simply contact Dahlia Bridal to make an appointment. Each appointment is completely private, as they only take one bride at a time! With an average of 150 dresses in the store, Dahlia Bridal offers numerous styles and sizes for all tastes.

Saving money on your dream wedding dress is easy! Contact us today to help: – 858.225.8515.

Author: Alexandra Bolhack


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