Have Fun with Wedding Photos!

Don’t be scared to add a little fun to your wedding photos!

fun photos 2

Photo Credit: Amanda Rockafellow

Dare to be creative by adding fun products, such as sunglasses and bubbles, to your bridal shoot. These products not only add a youthful flare to one’s photos, but also create special memories between the bridesmaid and/or grooms involved.

Affording these items can be easy, for they are inexpensive to buy and can be easily purchased at the local dollar store, leaving one’s wallet dent-free!  Surprisingly, adding these items will not put a dent in your wallet.

Playful items give the bride and groom a chance to incorporate previous memories, such as inside jokes, into their wedding as well. Other products to consider can range from lollipops, frames, even feather boas! Be conscious to only utilize harmless, clean products that will not harm or damage make-up, hair, or the dresses! (Avoid products, such as balloons and dyed bubbles, that could potentially damage one’s make-up, hair, or even worse, the dresses!

The sky is the limit, so do not be scared to be creative! Visit your local dollar store today!

Author: Alexandra Bolhack


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