Activities for all Ages and Occasions!

Entertain your guests further with fun and easy activities that are inexpensive, sentimental, and timeless!

Photo 1

Photo Credit (top left): Amanda Rockafellow (middle left): Amanda Rockafellow (bottom left): Amanda Rockafellow (middle): Bauman Photographers (top right): Bauman Photographers (middle right): Amanda Rockafellow (bottom right): Amanda Rockafellow

Activities such as the ones depicted above are easy to assemble. Simply paint small different colored squares on a large canvas and lay out a few watercolor sets and pens to give guest the opportunity to artistically express themselves! Other ideas include fingerprinting-signing boards that guests can quickly complete. Writing notes on a ribbon and tying them onto a string is another creative way for guests to write more personal and private messages. Activities such as these are suitable and fun for all ages.

The products of these activities can also be given to the host of the party, serving as a reminder of the special day for years to come. Not to mention, these activities are easily adjusted to fit any party theme – from weddings, baby showers, and even birthday parties! Contact us help you add fun to your special occasion: 858.225.8515.

Author:  Alexandra Bolhack

Photo 2

Photo Credit: Hill Country Wedding Blog


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