Trend: Join the Eco-Friendly Movement

Eco-Friendly Centerp1

Photo Credit (Top Left): Beach Wedding Guide (Top Right): Neal Kreuser (Bottom Left): Agriculture Designs (Bottom Right): Emily A. Clark

Incorporating Green Living into one’s wedding is not only easy, but also more affordable! Add a unique flare to your special day by following some of the eco-friendly tips below.

Utilizing native plants that can successfully go from the event to the garden are key. Succulents, for example, are native cacti to the Southwest and can be farmed and purchased locally. Likewise, succulents do not require the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals known to pollute our local ground water and seas. Along with supporting local vendors and independently owned businesses, succulents are easily replanted, allowing guests and family to be continuously reminded of the special occasion again and again.

Succulents not only add a humble flare to one’s bouquet, but can also be incorporated into centerpieces as well. Embedding these cacti into driftwood, along with moss, ocean pebbles and shells, can support a rustic feeling to any table. Centerpieces such as these require no water and can be found by the bride herself! Picking out pebbles and/or shells from the local shores may be time-consuming, but can ultimately add a meaningful touch to everyone’s table. Integrating centerpieces such as these allows each table to be a little different from the next without completely drifting far from the overall feel of the wedding.

Becoming an eco-conscious bride is easy! Contact us to get started! 858.225.8515.

Eco-Friendly Centerp2

Photo Credit (Top Left): La Ti Design (Top Middle): Agriculture Designs (Top Right): SucculentlyUrban (Bottom): Emily A. Clark

Author: Alexandra Bolhack


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