Inspiration: April Showers Bring May Flowers

You’ve heard it before and this April has been no exception in San Diego! The local weathermen are actually predicting even more rain over the next few days, reminding us of this childhood poem and a different type of spring shower. With wedding season coming up, this is the perfect time to host a shower for your engaged friend or a baby shower for your expecting friend!

To take a break from the gloomy weather outside, shower (or sprinkle) your friend who has cause to celebrate. Taking this theme literally for either type of shower can be adorable, so are candy themed showers and tea parties. A sprinkle is a baby shower for someone who is not expecting their first child so they don’t need to be showered with gifts but they could use a little sprinkle.

This rain shower themed baby shower was made with Fiskars crafting tools. What’s great about this theme is that it’s gender neutral and can be used at any baby shower. The hand-crafted little details make a big impact, the rain drops are hearts folded in half!




 Photo Credit: Lisa Storms 
Alice in Wonderland themed tea parties are also so adorable for spring showers. This English Tea themed bridal shower was actually held on the day of the Royal Wedding about a year ago! From the tea kettles filled with flowers, to the fascinators that each guest wore in their hair, to the bite sized treats, this could not be cuter.
Photo Credit: Love the Schutlzes 
Taking inspiration from the season is always an option for a spring shower. Since rain could constrict the party indoors, why not bring the outdoors inside? This spring garden themed baby shower is bright and cheery like the season with flower pot centerpieces and hand crafted pinwheels!
Photo Credit: Bump Smitten 
A nontraditional idea is to have a candy inspired shower, like Dylan Lauren (daughter or Ralph Lauren and owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar) had for her bridal shower. An obvious theme for the owner of the largest candy store in the world but it’s a fun idea and everyone loves a good sugar high. This framed heart mosaic is made with gum and the invitations were printed on candy bar labels!
Written by: Darielle Terry

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