Holidays: Easter

Easter is just around the corner! We have some last minute ideas and tips for creating a memorable day. Whether your having an intimate gathering for two or big feast for the whole family, the right decorations, crafts and food will  make this Easter Sunday extra special.

Decorating Easter eggs is as classic as it gets. It’s fun to get crafty even if there aren’t any kids around. Ever try Kool-Aid dyed eggs or decorating without dye? This year it’s time to switch things up. Kool-Aid mix can be used in-place of egg dye kits, plus it smells fruity. Or skip the dye all together and decorate with stickers, glitter, even rhinestones if Martha Stewart is channeling your inner creativity. Double-sided adhesive tape (cut or whole punched) works great for creating polka dotted glitter eggs, as does glitter glue.


Photo Credit- Hey! Jen Renee


Photo Credit- Martha Stewart

The best part about decorating Easter eggs is that they make the most darling decorations and centerpieces. Simply, place colorful eggs in a raised dish in the middle of the table and volia! This looks great surrounded by simple, clear and white table settings. A vase, candle holder or even mason jar can also be used to hold your decorated eggs, candy and flowers!




Now the whole reason for your gathering is of course, the Easter feast! Hopefully after brunch or dinner, there is still room for some dessert. Peeps and chocolate chips make a surprisingly great combination to create a sunflower cake.


Photo Credit- Better Homes and Gardens

Written by- Darielle Terry


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