Featured Venue: Hornblower Cruises

Introducing one of our newest venues…Hornblower Cruises, sail your way to happily ever after!
Read all about how they got started and where they are going…
1} How long has Hornblower been in business?
Hornblower started in 1980 How did it all begin? Here is a link to our History.
2} What types of events do you do?
We do any kind of event you can possibly imagine!  Surprise engagements to Celebrations of Life and everything in between. Each year we coordinate corporate parties, birthdays, school dances, weddings plus much more. We have the ability to handle all of the details of the event so all you need to do is have an idea of what you want and we’ll make it come to life.
Do you have a specialty or a favorite? Weddings of course!

3} What is your favorite part of a Wedding?

I love the very beginning when the dream is fresh, and the brides are still basking in the glow off of their new ring! I also love the day of the wedding, when the bride sees her dream come to life.
4} What sets you apart from other venues/charters?
We are such a unique venue! San Diego is a gorgeous city and a top destination wedding spot and there is no better way to showcase it, than from our bay! Our beautiful views really give your guests a memorable experience. It is something they may not have seen before- even if they live here! Why a Hornblower yacht? Our consistency as a leader in our industry.  We are one of the top 3 caterers in San Diego. We have award winning service.

5} What are some current 2011 trends you are seeing? I have noticed that brides are trimming the guest count and are having shorter engagements. When you have found the perfect partner, why wait!

6} Any fun and exciting projects you are working on right now for your company? Hornblower Cruises is opening a charter yacht port in NYC and we are just about completed with building our second Hybrid Yacht called the Hornblower Hydrogen Hybrid. See Link!

Interested in hosting a Wedding or Special Event aboard a Hornblower Yacht?
Contact Sara Holley with Events + Style


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