Love of Food: Convivial Catering

Introducing…Convivial Catering, San Diego’s Premier Corporate & Event Catering.
How did you get started in the Catering business?
I started with the Pamplemousse Grille in Del Mar which is where I also got my first Restaurant Experience here in San Diego.
When did you start your company?
I started Convivial Catering in 2007 following a trip to Europe on a The Chef Celebration Foundation Scholarship that I received in 2006.
What types of events do you do?
Weddings, Corporate Special Events, Fundraisers, Client Appreciation Events, Rehearsal Dinners, Retirement Parties, Anniversaries, any event where excellent food is needed!
Do you have a specialty or a favorite?
My specialty is whatever I’m cooking that moment.  Recently I’ve been enjoying doing some chilled soups, because of the heat. Such as, Spinach and Leek Soup with Smashed Avocado, Citrus Crab, and Chile Oil, and then Asian Braises.
What is your favorite part of a Wedding?
The cake cutting, because everyone has eaten a wonderful dinner and everyone is celebrating with the couple.
How would you describe your style/what sets you apart?
My style is using classic technique, local ingredients, and creative fusing world styles.  My food is set apart from my love of the food and love of the process.
What are some current 2011 trends you are seeing?  I see people enjoying using a variety of Action Stations at their weddings and special events that assures their guests variety and freshness.
Do you have a favorite food or entree you like to cook?  Whatever I’m cooking at the time.  I love the freedom of cooking and going to the farmers market and coming up with dishes based on whats available based on the season.
Do you enjoy entertaining yourself?
My friends are sometimes shocked to hear that I love to cook when I get home but I do.  It relaxes me when I’m at home.  I had a spur of the moment BBQ during the recent Blackout and had my neighbors over for Grilled Herb Studded Pork Tenderloin and Heirloom Tomato Salad with Burrata Cheese and Basil.

Anything you love to add to every party?
I love to add fantastic food and a fun-loving attitude.
Do you have any other passions/hobbies you enjoy when not busy cooking for parties and events?
I love to play golf and ski and travel.
Any fun and exciting projects you are working on right now for your company?
I’m working on continuing to expand and grow Convivial Catering!

Have an impressive event that needs a great menu?
Events + Style & Convivial Catering can make it happen! For more info, contact Sara Holley, 858.225.8515


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