Mix it up: For Real Bartenders

Introducing…For Real Bartenders!
For Real Bartenders providea Bartenders, D.J.’s, Security, Caterers, and Servers for Weddings, Private Parties, Special Events, and Venues. Perfect for your next event!
How did you get started in the Bartending Business? When did you start your company?
Both myself, and my partner Tony got our starts in the business at Ole Madrid in the mid 90’s. We were fortunate to work along side with some of the most influential pioneers of the San Diego night life scene today. From there, we  went on to manage & bartend at some of San Diego’s premier bars/nightclubs. We started ForRealBartenders four years ago with the vision of providing unparalleled service matched with a wealth of bar industry knowledge.
What types of events do you do?
We do all kinds of events. Weddings, political events, fundraisers, birthday parties, themed parties, you name it. If a client is looking for professional bar service, ForRealBartenders is where to find it.
What sets you apart from other Beverage Caterers?
What sets us apart from other Bar Services or Beverage Caterers is that our staff consists of the best bartenders, servers, cocktail servers, d.j.’s, and security, who are currently working in San Diego’s premier nightclubs. This is what we do, and this is our passion. We aren’t a bunch of people who work day jobs and then a couple times a month pour vodka tonics at a wedding.
We are ForRealBartenders!
What are some current 2011 trends you are seeing?
As far as 2011 trends go, as the weather cools down, look for more CO2 canisters behind the bar for frothy creamy drinks.New flavors through the use of different cordials. “Abstract” seasonal fruit and vegetables- taking seasonal fruits and vegetables and creating consistencies different than whats expected. For example, instead of pomegranate juice, think pureed, strained pomegranate seed. Also, Kentucky Bourbons are red hot right now.
Any fun and exciting projects you are working on right now?
As ForRealBartenders expands and looks to 2012, we are reminded of why we started ForRealBartenders in the beginning. To make your next event a memorable one!
They offer many different options to serve up tasty drinks to your quests at reasonable rates.

For a quote, please contact Sara Holley sara@eventsplusstyle.com 858.225.8515

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