Wedding Love: The Grand Entrance

There are so many incredible parts of a Wedding; from Getting Ready, to the “First Look” when the Groom sees his Bride, the Traditional and not so Traditional Rituals, the Kiss, the Ceremony Exit, the Cocktail Hour, the Grand Entrance, First Dance, Father/ Daughter Dance, Toasts, Dinner & Dancing, Last Dance, to the Grand Exit (to name a few)…I find myself always loving the Grand Entrance.

Why the Grand Entrance??? It is so full of excitement. All the nerves of the Ceremony start to fade and everyone is ready to celebrate the LOVE and new marriage they have just witnessed.
It is not just the beginning of the Reception, but the beginning of a new life the couple has finally just begun.

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when planning your big debut.

1} Who to include?
You can keep it simple, just the new Mr. & Mrs. or also include the Bridal Party and Parents. Consider the amount of people this will involve. Usually, it will go pretty fast, but if you have an enormous Bridal Party it may be better to keep it to just you and the new hubby. It is up to you. If you have elderly Parents, they may not be able or interested in the attention. It is best to ask them in advance if they have a preference.

2} When to plan it? NOT right before the entrance. You should review the order that people will be announced and how their names are pronounced with your DJ months prior to the Wedding. After Guests have entered the Reception area, the Bridal Party should be ready to line up for the entrance (not at the bar!). Your DJ should be available to assist with this. If it is unplanned and disorganized, your guests will be sitting wondering when everything is going to start.

3} What Songs to include? There are a lot of fun options out there. Usually upbeat songs that reflect your personal taste are a great choice. It is good to choose one for the Bridal Party and another for the Bride & Groom. It is also best to keep Introductions to a minimal; Name/NickName and Position in the Wedding. No need to include the whole story of how you met in college and have become like family. Save it for the toasts!

4} Where to enter?
This will depend largely on the venue set-up. They may have one option or multiple to choose from. Keep in mind the size of your dress and make sure there is an easy path to your destination. If you are going directly in to your first dance, you may want to appoint someone to give your bouquet to. But, if you do forget a  guest will gladly hold your bouquet.(Thank you Courtney! Ha ha). You may also want to considering adding some decor to the entry way, as it will be a back drop for many photos.


Minor things may go wrong, memories so special you could never plan them will happen, and (the best part) at the end of the day you will be married to the love of your life…minus wedding planning!!!


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